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DaVinci Crap (oops I mean Code)

April 28, 2006

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Best use for the Code

Best use for the "Code"

While visiting Rosslyn Castle, south of Edinburgh, a few weeks ago, I was amazed at the strange carvings and decoration which adorn the building. I was also amazed at the number of people visiting such a small “tourist” attraction – but then May 19th Sony pictures will release a movie called “The Da Vinci Code” coming to theaters everywhere – that film was shot in part right where I was visiting.

Now wasn’t it Sony who gave us the “Root-Kit” virus for free when we bought their music? Now they have cornered the market on “conspiracy”! Hey they should know right?

The real code!

Robin Crawford, owner of the Slatebarns Caravan Park, just scross the lane from the chapel has a daughter-in-law Pam and she came up with a very appropriate way to sell Crap. Sony should probably sue them because they, Sony will have the market cornered on Crap when “The Code” opens in May.

Now you may ask, what is all this about? Well, the book by Dan Brown is FICTION! – For those of you who don’t understand big words – IT IS NOT REAL!

Our world is pretty messed up, we have become so obsessed with movie stars, conspiracy, and looking for the truth we have a bunch of people who are taking this work of one man’s mind and making it into something it is not – it is not the TRUTH!

I may see the movie -only because I like Ron Howard’s work and the actors are all very good at what they do – ACT!

Please don’t go to the movie thinking you are going to be given a “Revelation” – there is none. Some of Mr. Browns points are so lame it defies reason. Like the painting of “The Last Supper” shows – what he claims to be – Mary “leaning” on Jesus in a “girlfriend way” – in all the accounts of that event, and from what we can gather, there were no women there. There were no women deciples for many reasons, mostly because women were not respected, by the majority of the world at that time. That “leaner” was John – depicted by the artist as a young man.

Again – the painting was ONE MAN’s idea of what the event looked like – not a photo take that night. Do we trust a painting because they did not have “Photo Shop” then?

Another -make believe- item is that Jesus had a child and his blood line continues to this day – as a Christian – the Blood of Jesus (God’s own blood) was shed for one reason – to provide forgiveness for the sins of all men. To say that we have people who are the great-great-great-great… grand children of God is not a belief that can be proved in any way.
Mr. Brown did what he is good at, writing a NOVEL. He is making lots of money. People of the earth – remember that when you go to the film.

Why is it so easy for the masses to believe a book (written to entertain) and a movie (produced to make tons of money so a few actors, directors and other people so they can live their decadant life style) However these same people cannot believe that the God who made them in His image is real and His son Jesus walked on this earth and died for one reason – to provide an escape from the curse man put on himself at the beginning of time in the garden. These same people are searching for the “truth” but they do not realize that the “TRUTH” is not a book, movie or anything else – the “TRUTH” is a person – that person is Jesus Christ the son of God!

If you want more truth about Jesus and the movie’s distortion of the truth, please visit this site


Big Adventure – Scotland photo album

April 18, 2006

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006


I have put a photo album of about 200 of the photos I took while in Scotland. You can view them at –

Most of them have captions. We really enjoyed the time spent there – Scotland is a very beautiful country and the people seem to be warm (a bit hard to understand at times but they probably coundn’t understand me either) and friendly. I hope we can go back again and see more of the UK.

Big Adventure!

April 12, 2006

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Let’s start with the 29th of March. My wife and I left Duluth at about noon. We arrived in St. Paul about 45 minutes later. We waited for almost 8 hours for our flight to the Netherlands. An eight hour flight is too long. It was on a Airbus and we were tired – problem was we were in “pesant class” – about as far back in the 300 passenger area as you could get (cheap tickets). A family with small children were behind us – kicking most of the 4500 milles.

Three hour wait for our flight to Scotland – that was a nice flight – plane was only about half full and it went quick. Could not see much – tops of many clouds. I did catch a plane going the other way – it was about three or four miles away but man at a 1,000 mile closing speed they zip by! I can see why if you see a plane coming at you at 550 miles per hour and you are going that fast – there will be a crash!

Scotland! We arrived at about 3:30 PM on Thursday the 30th – lost seven hours – they had already changed to daylight savings time and we had not.

We found our daughter and her husband ok and caught a bus to their place. Took two buses and about an hour and a half to get to Penicuik where my daughter lives. Can you say tired?

Friday morning after a bit of a rest – still suffering jet lag. We spent the good share of Friday getting our lives adjusted – we went shopping with our daughter – walked about a half a mile to the Tesco market and back – pretty boring day – just what we needed!

Saturday, Neil was now on vacation too and we went downtown – Edinburgh Castle was free today being April first and all. We got off in the Center of the city and bought seven day bus passes, we figured we would be using them a lot.

Walked up the Royal mile and looked at some of the shops. Edinburgh Castle is great! Did a little more sight seeing and headed home.

Sunday, we went downtown in Penicuk where my daughter lives – not much open but wandered around without any body bothering us – did some shopping in the one store that was open.

Monday, visited the Royal Museum – at least part of it – wow that is some museum! We started in the Science part and covered most of it before our feet gave out. More later.

Tuesday, Rosslyn Chapel was our destination today. Had lunch at a pub in Roslin (where the Rosslyn Chapel is) and toured the chapel. An interesting place – the carvings and other strange decorations make for an interesting hour or so. They have a catwalk around the outside and a metal roof over the whole chapel to protect it now. The farmer across the road had a wheelbarrow full of bags of “Davinchi”

Wednesday, today we had tickets for a tour of the Highlands! Wow! they are really beautiful. We visited Fort William, Loch Ness and Inverness. Saw some very majestic (looked like Montana only wet) mountains and on the way back went by the firth of fouth railway bridge. We also saw a castle and spent about an hour wandering around it – was kind of in “fragmented” condition but still very interesting.

Thursday, Lynette and I decide to do a little exploring on our own. Our daughter was feeling a bit under the weather (who wouldn’t with the rain, cold and all.) We toured St. Giles Cathederal – this is the home of “Reformation” and the first church of John Knox. Very neat place. Also had lunch at the Chocolate Soup – cool! Spent the rest of the day at the Royal museum – saw a lot of it but it really takes about four days to see everything.

Friday, Alana, my wife and I went downtown again. We went to Mary King’s Close first. This is an underground tour of what life was like when Mary King lived many, many years ago. A close is the narrow way between buildings – along the Royal Mile – across from St. Giles is a built over close – Mary King’s was the top house and she has been remembered because they named the narrow alley-like way after her. Later after some shopping, we went to the Camera Obscura – neat place with lots of optical-laser things to see and experience. Then it rained – freezing rain – as we headed back to the bus – we were over-taken by a wave of ice-water – brrrrrrr!

Saturday, ok, today I do something I really was not going to do – rent a car. Neil and I went to the airport and picked up the rental – it was supposed to be some Vaxhaul or something – turned out to be a Mercedes. Nice car but I don’t fit very well – supposed to be a “Standart” size car – hahahaha! Standard hobbit size car – it has a good size trunk though – did a lot of shopping.

Sunday, we go to England to visit daughter’s inlaws. I drove to Wigan England – the major highways are very nice in Scotland and England – the back roads are very full of curves, parked cars and lacking in width. I now have driven over 500 miles on the wrong side of the road and am still alive to talk about it. Saw one odd thing – on the way back, we came up behind a car that looked so out-of-place – it was a standard issue police crusier from the US with funny plates that said N16 COP and it was normal left hand drive – the guy was spooking me – I passed him anyway – boy if you think Americans know how to speed on freeways – go to the UK! Speed limit is 70 mph, I was in the fast lane at 85 mph and kept getting flashed by people wanting me to hurry up and pass. Me at 90+ mph and they fly by like the Mercedes is in reverse! Torwards dark – I kept playing pass the lorrie’s in the outside and middle lane while everyone else was pedal to the floor flat-out. Then in the dark on narrow winding roads – passing on curves and going way to fast in my humble estimation was normal. I will take the US any day.

Monday, we went back downtown for a last time. We did some more sight-seeing and some shopping – they have a Mall under-ground right in the center of Edinburgh. The Princess Mall – not huge but a mall – I was down there by it many times in the past two weeks and never saw it till my daughter said to go there today.

Tuesday, We drove by the hospital that our daughter is going to be working at and then searched for a auto museum – found it after a check in the local post office – neat place – more when I get back. Then we toured another castle – I would love to see it in the Summer – very beautiful grounds around the remains of the castle – saw a complete Dovecot though.

Wednesday, – we head back to USA!