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Cancer claimed my boss.

September 27, 2006

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Tad Arntzen

Tad Arntzen

Terrence (Tad) Arntzen lost his battle with cancer Monday and the great killer has won again. Tad was only 60 and the last year and a half or so was spent fighting.

Tad spent a good share of his life in Duluth but worked for Unisys in the Twin Cities for 25 years – he came back to Duluth and the outdoors he loved.

He was a good supervisor and will be missed by all of us he worked with at St. Louis County.

My deepest sympathy to his family.


Got a new car – yep did it again!

September 14, 2006

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Ok, it seems like I can’t keep a car very long – but hey – I like different cars from time to time and I put a lot of miles on the last one – wait too long and you have a harder time trading. I guess I just treat it like a “hunt” – my wife really does not like dealing – I do!

Our New Subaru

Our New Subaru

We would have bought another Toyota Matrix AWD but Toyota in it’s “wisdom” decided that the AWD option would no longer be available – so – Subaru the KING of AWD was my next choice.

After visiting a local New Subaru dealer and being treated like I was either “dumb” or “Blond” or both by saying they could give me a “new Subaru Forrester for the same price as a used one” – hahahahaha! Now I knew the NADA book value of my ‘05 Trix’ and let’s just say that the Subaru dealer must have thought I had “STUPID” written in bold letters on my forehead. They offered me about $2000.00 less than loan value ($5000 less than I got at Sonju) for my well-kept, maintained Toyota – which still had 20K miles of factory drive train warranty left and was less than two years old!

That over, after wook, the wife and I went to Two Harbors – Sonju had two Subarus – once there we found out that the red Subaru was out for the evening with some woman who wanted the blue one but took the red one home to test – she said it would be her luck that someone would buy the blue one last night – she was right!!! She should have taken the blue one home if she wanted it!!

They had three originally – all came from Hawaii via Seattle – they had been in the Hertz fleet, I found an inspection sticker, a self insurance form (Hertz) and the CarFax showed our car was put into service June 30 2005 – must have shipped right from Japan to Hawaii and put into service before the rest of the 2006’s even hit the mainland.

The car/suv has 13500 miles on it – and still has 21 months and 22500 miles of full Subaru Bumper – Bumper warranty and the balance of the 5 year 60K drive train warranty.

So far I like it – Lynette drove it a little and she likes that it has a LOT more power than the Trix! I am not the only “lead foot” in our family!