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My wife and I are GRANDPARENTS!

September 2, 2007

Our son and his lovely wife became parents on August 28th at 9:36 am. The have a boy and a girl (who have been going by the names Kiwi and Raisin since they found out they were expecting. They are here now and because they were early (by about a month) my son and his wife did not have names until yesterday. They have names now! Say hello to Zachary Alden Olson and Marissa Charis Olson:

Zachary Alden Olson and Marissa Charis Olson

Zachary Alden Olson and Marissa Charis Olson

Marissa and Zachary They still have feeding tubes in but are eating on their own – they were a little small (Marissa 4 lb. 12 oz. and Zachary 5 lb. 6 oz.) at birth but should only have to stay in the hospital about two weeks. Our daughter-in-law is doing fine now except for lack of sleep.

By the way, Zachary means “the Lord remembers” and Alden was my father’s name. Marissa means “sea-loving” and Charis (pronounced KAR-is, not CARE-is) is Greek for “Grace” – neat huh?

We are very happy with the twins and the names – great job Matthew and Jaime!