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A brother has gone home.

July 2, 2008

Don Granholm went home to be with his Lord at about 9:00 am on this day July 2, 2008. We were not related in the normal sense but he was like a brother and a brother in Christ. He was just a few weeks short of 62, much too young but we don’t know why the Lord takes some early and others later.

Donald Granholm

Donald Granholm

Don has been fighting colon cancer for the past 6 plus years. Today the cancer won but only Don’s body, his soul belongs to God and cancer can’t touch that.

I have known Don for many, many years and our family and his family are as close as two families can be. I first met Don at Northwest Radio, he was the guy just a little older than me who always had a smile and would talk about anything. That was about 1965 or so, Don was either just out of High School or in his senior year and I was two years younger. I needed electronic parts for my various projects and Northwest Radio was the only place in town you could get them. Don fixed me up with a “Radio Experimenters Card” – that allowed me to purchase at Northwest because they were “wholesale only”.

Over the years Don and I became friends and eventually my wife Lynette met Don’s wife Jeanie through another common friend and they hit it off – I never had met Jeanie before that and since Don was a good friend of mine and Jeanie became Lynette’s close friend – our families spent a lot of time together. It seemed sometimes like the Olson’s were at more Granholm family functions than a lot of the real Granholms. Extended families are really a blessing on this earth, kind of like the extended family we will have in heaven with all other believers.

So now after so many years, Don’s passing is going to make a very big hole in our family where that little guy used to be. Don, I know you are still with us in spirit and I just want to let you know that you are missed already. I am glad you are not suffering here anymore and in a better place but dang, I wish I could hear you laugh again and see your smile.

It is not really goodbye, it is till we meet again!