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December 16, 2008

Well, I thought it was over, I found out about a week ago that my Blog (this one) was hacked – I had been using an older version of WordPress and at the bottom of each page were hidden links to porn sites.  I only found them by chance when I was trying to access my blog via my cell phone.  They show up on the cell for some reason.

Anyway, I spent the better part of an evening up-dating my WordPress and calls to Yahoo for suppor when after the update some links refused to work.  I got that all ironed out and then I get an email from Goggle telling me I am banned for at least 30 days from their search engine because I had porn links and spam links.

Google does not allow those things and that is good but let’s have some consideration for inocent bystanders in a cross fire.  I admit I should have been more alert to keeping software up to date but I never thought that was possible to actually attach hidden links to a PHP file.

I have been going through my site and searching for bad stuff – I think I got it all.

Just to let you know why I don’t appear in Google – I have applied for reconsideration but that can take days or weeks. Oh well such is life!