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Excited news and the person I really wanted to tell is not here.

June 15, 2009

This is kind of a combination father’s day post and to let anyone who cares to follow my posts that today June 15th, I got a very nice surprise.  I was called by a former Tonight Show host and all around car guy to tell me that he is getting Chrysler Turbine Car #42 delivered tomorrow or later tonight.  He was excited and told me he had been following my web site for years.  I also have an invite to go out to California and see, ride etc. his new toy.

As I hung up the cell phone (after about fifteen minutes of car talk) I turned to Lynette and did a little “happy dance” – both for him getting something he has wanted for years and me getting a phone call from a car guy of such fame.

We stopped for lunch and as Lynette and I were talking, it struck me that I really wanted to tell one person about this – my father.  Dad was user #160 and as I told Jay, he went to his grave wondering why Chrysler never went into production of turbine cars.  Dad was the one person I really want to call or drop in on and tell him – “dad, there is at least one other famous person who shares your passion for cars and the turbine engine – he talked to me today!

So with father’s day coming up this week, I just want to say to my dad, I always loved you, I still love and miss you, I thank you for all the values you instilled in me, faith in a loving God, how to use my hands and the love of mechanical things like automobiles.  When Chrysler picked you to be the 160th user of the turbine program, they never knew the whole package they got.

Till we meet again – happy father’s day dad!