Counting the days!

April 21, 2011

Well, I have made the big move – I have set my date to retire from the County of St. Louis. I will have 40 years of employment with the County in June of this year and that is enough. The last day of June will be my last paid day with the County.

I had originally planned to work till Lynette could retire that would be around the end of 2013. Well, I used to like working here, I can’t say that anymore. I still like the people who work for me and around me but the County has become not so fun anymore. The elected officials seem to think that dumping crap on the employees will make for less taxes and happy tax payers. Part of this was re-structuring the organization (there is an oxymoron organization and Elected officials) and that has made for some very unhappy department heads – no wait they are not heads anymore they work for some appointed or elected dude who know less about nothing about what they are now in charge of.  This puts pressure on the real department heads as they are now not in charge and subject to elimination.

Anyway, I just feel the time is best to get out before I hate working here.  I may take part time work just to have some extra spending money but really am looking forward to being my own boss.  I may get back into volunteer work for the Railroad museum or Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad, I am not sure.  I have two and a half years till Lynette can join me in retirement and who know what doors will open then.  I would love to live closer to our wonderful grandchildren and that may happen.

Right now, I am just counting the days!


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