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I am now officially retired!

July 5, 2011

Thursday was my last day at the County and with mixed feelings (I really liked the people who worked for and around me) Friday the first found me with no particular place to go. I am going to need about a month to really find out how this whole retirement thing works.

I have a few ideas on how to keep busy and make a little “mad money” I may make this blog more informational – but then I would be like thousands of other blogs where some guy rants about what is happening around his neck of the woods and no one cares.

State of Minnesota shut down on Friday also – did not know they were going to do that in honor of my retirement from a government job :-)…. Kind of sucks for those that are not getting paid because our Idiot Governor an the herd of idiots we elected can’t come to a compromise and stop spending money we don’t have. There was a very good article in the local paper about how “Taxing the Rich” is at best a band-aid on a massive wound and will never offset our spending. Something has to give and as they say “It ain’t going to be pretty” when it does.

Well so much for ramblin’ today – got some cleaning to do!