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Another vehicle added to our fleet.

August 24, 2011

Well, I got the bug bad to get another Ford Ranger before they quit making them – looked at the new 2011 Rangers and yes they have some great deals but the best deals are on sticks with loads of options.  If I had bought new I did not need $600 a month payments – so I was looking at what was getting traded in.  Found a 37K mile 2005 – one owner – very clean super cab.  Local dealer $3,000 below average retail and they took my 163K 1995 on trade – I think I got a reasonable deal but then you always feel like you did not so really – it does not matter.

2005 Ford Ranger - Super Cab

Looks pretty good and runs great!

I have never had a black vehicle before, almost every other color but this is the first black vehicle.   I usually would not want a black car or truck because they are hard to keep clean – but hey – I am retired so I should have more time – right?

2005 Ford Ranger - driver's side.

Driver's side of black Ranger